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AntiSepticEye ??! by lotrmld
Mature content
AntiSepticEye ??! :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 1 3
Angel Chester, Linkin Park, R.I.P (please read) by lotrmld Angel Chester, Linkin Park, R.I.P (please read) :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 3 0
Boys Chasin' The Wrong Girls
Get your hands off me
You filthy men
I'm not a toy to play with
I'm not like them
I wish that I could kill you
Or the memories in my head
Cause now you got me thinking
That I'm better off dead
Boys, boys
Always chasin us girls
Girls, girls
We don't know how to fight
Boys, boys
Can't control your attitude
I want you to be dead dude
Put your dick back in your pants
You always want
What you can't get
But I'm a human bein
Not your little pet
Sneak up behind me
And grab me so wrong
I hope you understand
That it's you in this song
Boys, boys
Always chasin us girls
Girls, girls
We don't know how to fight
Boys, boys
Can't control your attitude
I want you to be dead dude
Put your dick back in your pants
Ooo ooo oh
Starin at me from across the street
You should be watchin your own two feet
Cause I might just run over and put you down
Stop acting like such a clown
I'm not a pussy so stop cat callin me
Not Call Of Duty so stop playing with me
I'm done with your bullshit
So fuck off now
Go jerk off
:iconlotrmld:lotrmld 2 4
Scruffy boi Derek by lotrmld Scruffy boi Derek :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 3 Let's get outta this s**thole (Chloe Price LiSBtS) by lotrmld
Mature content
Let's get outta this s**thole (Chloe Price LiSBtS) :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 3
Mature content
Daddy, Daddy :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 3
Pretty Little Psycho (TF2 Pyro request) by lotrmld Pretty Little Psycho (TF2 Pyro request) :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 2 3 Punk af (Tina request) by lotrmld Punk af (Tina request) :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 1 5 Kissu :* by lotrmld Kissu :* :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 3 5 Jay 3D Pen by lotrmld Jay 3D Pen :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 1 4 Birthday Cakes by lotrmld Birthday Cakes :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 2 3
Mature content
Life Of War - Her - Chapter 4 :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 0
Life Of War - New Girl - Chapter 3
Back in school, the fun started again; not! Once again, the students hurried off to lessons, prepared for another usual, boring, tough day, sat in complete silence. Unexpectedly, Mrs Drugh – the deputy head teacher – came into each class and shooed them off to the hall. What’s going on? The confused student followed the deputy, wondering what was going on. Are detention times being extended? Are school days lasting longer? They half-panicked as they walked through the hallways to the main room. It has to be important to be announced in the hall.
Once they arrived, they quickly noticed that the WHOLE school were seated in the enormous room. Even though they were used to the place, the pupils still gave a quick shiver whenever they noticed the cobwebs in the roof, or the scraped, faint white paint on the surprisingly smooth walls. It must be a change in the curriculum, the students assumed. As soon as the last member was seated, there was sil
:iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 0
13 Reasons Why Hannah Baker Cosplay by lotrmld 13 Reasons Why Hannah Baker Cosplay :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 1 0 13 Reasons Why - Cassie, Sid, Skins by lotrmld 13 Reasons Why - Cassie, Sid, Skins :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 0 0 13 Reasons Why - Effy, Freddie, Skins by lotrmld 13 Reasons Why - Effy, Freddie, Skins :iconlotrmld:lotrmld 2 0



He roll by DeathClaw-ologist He roll :icondeathclaw-ologist:DeathClaw-ologist 9 2 Sketchy bb by DeathClaw-ologist Sketchy bb :icondeathclaw-ologist:DeathClaw-ologist 8 0 Something's Wrong by PsychoScoutAndMedic
Mature content
Something's Wrong :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 2 0
Psychopathy by PsychoScoutAndMedic Psychopathy :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 3 2 Self Portait by PsychoScoutAndMedic Self Portait :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 6 0 The Royal Sisters by PsychoScoutAndMedic The Royal Sisters :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 7 6 .: Splendid :. SS by Samagirl .: Splendid :. SS :iconsamagirl:Samagirl 19 2 Pastel fox by DeathClaw-ologist Pastel fox :icondeathclaw-ologist:DeathClaw-ologist 8 9 Mares by PsychoScoutAndMedic Mares :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 3 0 Ungard by PsychoScoutAndMedic Ungard :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 9 0 VAMPBREAD 1!1!! by shriotorizawa VAMPBREAD 1!1!! :iconshriotorizawa:shriotorizawa 86 3 walking in the rain by samosvulter walking in the rain :iconsamosvulter:samosvulter 6 0 Bungou Stray Dogs by samosvulter Bungou Stray Dogs :iconsamosvulter:samosvulter 5 0 .: Pillow butt :. P by Samagirl .: Pillow butt :. P :iconsamagirl:Samagirl 14 0 Go Fuck Yourself by PsychoScoutAndMedic Go Fuck Yourself :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 4 4 I SAID I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT IT! by PsychoScoutAndMedic I SAID I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT IT! :iconpsychoscoutandmedic:PsychoScoutAndMedic 5 3



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I wrote a really personal vent poem idk should I post it? 
Rest in peace my hero Chester Bennington <3
Best thing about being home alone? Rearranging furniture to make space and blasting your fave songs dancing around xD
Life Is Strange 2 is confirmed!!!! I literally screamed and cried a little ahhhhh
Women are not toys 
Girls are not for men's pleasure
Females are not sex objects
Trans fem to whatever are not hiding their sexy
Catcalls don't make us want you
Groping makes us uncomfortable
We don't care what you want to do to us keep that in your dirty mind
Oh and ladies should NOT do this to men either! 
How hard is this to understand? We are not here for anything more than our own life and own plans. So many people are harassed each day yet nothing is done since it's considered normal. That doesn't make it right! There are many things I fight for and REAL gender equality is what I will scream for. 

Peace c;


lotrmld's Profile Picture
Skylar Edythe D.
United Kingdom
Hey! I'm Skylar/Ky (only friends call me Sky) and I'm just a unicorn trying to survive as best as possible. I like making new friends but I'm kinda shy, at least at first, so don't mind that ^-^''. I usually write but fighting my way out of an art block. I hope you like my posts! Have some facts~
•I love the games Life Is Strange, Fran Bow, Portal/2, Yandere Simulator, Deadpool, Osu!, League of Legends and Alice:Madness Returns
•My favourite youtubers are, in order, JackSepticEye, IIsuperwomanII, Caddicarus and I Hate Everything
•I'm a complete Whovian, Potterhead and Ringer

My best friends are also on DA so check them out on my page

Other Accounts: RainB0w-Support StarBow-Works

If you wish to find me on other social media, ask and I will say if I have an account or not, though it's probably just lotrmld aha
Instagram: _fandom.trash._
YouTube: SkylarSupport

Hope you have a good day/night! Peace c;


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